Well i got tired of remembering usernames/passwords and which account what toon so, this is what i made to help out. If u only have one account I think u will find it still usefull for getting back IG quickly from those nasty lag deaths/lockups.

Basically I just select account, world and dbl click on toon name that i want IG. If decal is not running it will start for me. Next time thru...i only have to click on the lauch button to get back IG on same toon.

Below is from Help in ACQLaunch

In order for QLaunch to work you will need to setup account information.

Repeat for all AC Accounts as needed.

To Get IG just

Note: If you have a check mark beside the toon name it will log in that toon. If no toon name is checked then it will just stop on the screen with the Enter Game image.

Options Tab: